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Oscura Free Moded for Android & Ios

Oscura is one of the most played game in the world at th moment, you can have unlimited resources by playing moded version . You will have premium game resources in no time, try it and get a change to become one of the best Oscura players.

Oscura – a new improbably beautiful platformer for smartphones. Action of the game happens in some Universe, where there is opposition of darkness and light та. Darkness and light aren’t something abstract, they are real. If the world is shined with light, the good representing light wins, and all, except a small circle of people, live well. However, if light vanishes in the world, massacre, theft begins. A beacon which power suffices to shine the whole world, even the most remote places was established. Unfortunately, in one not good day, the beacon was broken, and the darkness came to the power. Your main goal – to restore the peace. Everything that is necessary for you is to collect a new beacon from beacon fragments, thereby having destroyed the evil. For this purpose you should run on the world, solving various problems, whether it can be enemies or any other troubles. Your hero is able to slow down time and that will help you with especially difficult places. Colorful graphics and Gothic atmosphere is perfectly combined with a remarkable gameplay and a thought-over control system.

Oscura is one of the most played and loved games available for Android and iOS at the moment, this game is so addictive that all our team is playing it.
How can Oscura moded apk can help me?
Simply you don’t have to pay for premium features or more resources anymore, by using this moded apk you will have all game premium features for free, your resources will be unlimited.

Still you are wondering how can this help you? No matter how good are you at this game, you still need some premium features and resources or some cheats, this moded apk is having all you need so don’t waste your time and start using this for your game now!

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